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You’ve come to the right place! We have over 20 years of experience in maintaining and growing turf. Need help with how to maintain your grass? Take a look below at our most commonly asked questions
Fertilising your lawn during the right seasons will help ensure it has the nutrients it needs to thrive and stay healthy. We recommend that you fertilise your lawn a minimum of 2-3 times a year, once in spring, summer, and autumn. The best time to do it is on a long weekend!! October, Australia Day and the Easter long weekend is the perfect time to give your lawn some much needed TLC. We believe you should always support local business, so get in touch with your local landscape supplies yard and ask them what products they can provide to help your lawn thrive.
If you begin to notice weeds in your lawns, it is best to either treat them with your preferred herbicide or remove them by hand as soon as possible. Attacking weeds as soon as they start to surface is the best chance you have at removing them before they spread to far!
So your lawn looks perfect for weeks on end and then out of nowhere you start to notice another type of grass start to appear! It could be a range of different grasses that start to come through such as Kikuyu or couch!

The question is how do you remove it? Well, you’ve got a couple of options – the first is good old fashion hard work! By hand you can pull out the grass and make sure to get the root system with it!

The second is to use a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate (Roundup). Please keep in mind whenever you use a non-selective herbicide, you will need to be careful to only touch the effected area. A couple of helpful pointers, make sure you where the appropriate PPE and don’t over spray – sometimes using a small brush can help the accuracy!
When your lawn is completely established, It’s best to water it only when it needs it, a couple of times a week will usually do the trick! Always keep in mind its best to water early in the morning or after the sun starts to go down in the warmer months.

Helpful Hint: Fungal diseases tend to grow in damp conditions.
Top dressing is a vital part of repairing or correcting poor soil preparation in your lawn.

You’ll generally find your neighbours or friends gearing up to top dress their lawns in spring with a very light skim of organic top dressing materials from your local landscape supplies company.

By giving it a light top dress you’ll notice your lawn gets a great boost of colour and get much needed nutrients in to your lawn.

Just be careful not to over do it – if you cover your existing grass with too much soil, it wont have room to grow and can end up dying!
To aerate your lawn you can use some good old hard manual labour by grabbing a garden fork and driving the spikes in to the ground to penetrate through to the soil – Just make sure you give it a bit of a wriggle around to break up the soil profile. Or if you’re looking for a quicker more professional solution you can always hire a lawn aerator from our partner business Silverdale Produce & Hire.

There’s really no time limit as to when you can aerate your lawn, but for the best results we recommend doing it in spring and autumn every year.

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